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Woodridge Addition.

Project Name: Bellevue Modern House

Jurisdiction: City of Bellevue

Zoning: R-3.5

Lot size:  10,125 sf

Building areas: Existing building 3000 sf, Addition 1300 sf, total 4,300 sf includes 700 sf garage.

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates in the Bellevue Woodridge neighborhood. The original house is very plain looking, we try to transform the look by adding pop-out windows in two kids’ bedrooms to creates interesting spaces for kids’ rooms as well as some character to the house. The grand entry canopy and large pop-out windows in the living room create a bright space and a strong character to the house. The addition to the backyard forms an L-shaped building that surrounds an open courtyard. With covered porches facing a courtyard that connected to dining, and two master suites, it helps to create an outdoor space that can be fully used by the residents. A strong connection between interior and exterior space is created.  

Internal Space: We raised the whole roof, opened the whole floor plan at the kitchen and living room areas, created two master suites on the back well connected to the courtyard.  Two kids’ rooms with a shared study space with a master suite to the right of entry as private zoom, vs left a public zoom of living room, dining, and kitchen area.  With a high and vaulted ceiling with a separate master suite enjoy its own privacy and outdoor living space. 

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