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Sea-Tac Townhome.

Project Name: SeaTac Townhome

Jurisdiction: City of SeaTac

Zoning: R2 Town Homes

Lot size: 13,000 sf

Building areas: 4 units, each is 2,631SF w/Garage 480 SF

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates near the Sea-Tac airport area.  It is a growing suburb area and requires more housing. The city has a clear vision and detailed zoning requirement for their future development in the city that we need to follow, like the modular layout of the exterior, window pop out, and roof bracket. We are creating a clean modern look townhome at the same time meet all city requirements. We also created a nice outdoor commonplace well landscaped for residents to gather and socialize.  

Internal Space: Because the site elevation is lower than the street, we put the main living room and kitchen area along with two bedrooms on the second floor and use ground level as a family sitting area and a bedroom along with a garage.  It can be a guest bedroom or office. The main floor on the 2nd level can fully take advantage of sunlight and views of the exterior.  We put the master suite on the top floor with its own private deck and large master bathroom, office area, and a common sitting area. Total with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The layout is very efficient and perfect for a standard size family to live in. 

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