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Issaquah Apartment.

Project Name: Issaquah Apartment

Jurisdiction: City of Issaquah

Zoning: UV-MUR

Lot size:  18,000 sf

Building areas: 18,000 SF & 5,460 SF Parking

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates near the downtown Issaquah area belongs to a Mixed-use residential zone.  The site is close to a stream and has a stream buffer along the west direction backside. We create a modular exterior design to break up the large volume of the building and more human scale.    

Internal Space: Two type B units and two-story apartment units above ground level forms a total of 24 units. Each unit is around 650 sf one-bedroom apartment, the small units highly demand in the area based on the client’s experiences. Ground-level provides 32 parking spaces to meeting city requirements and integrated with share common space and courtyard on the west back side along the stream buffer.  

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