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Edmond Townhome.

Project Name: Edmond home

Jurisdiction: City of Edmond

Zoning: CG-General Commercial

Lot size: 0.29 Acre

Building areas: 4 units, each is 1922 SF includes 600 SF Garage.

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates near downtown Edmond as a general commercial zone.  The lot can be built up to 75’ with mixed-use buildings. Because of shared driveway easement and other issues, our feasibility study shows it is more cost-effective to do townhomes instead. But the zoning required a lot of grown level transparency for commercial space we have to work with.  We meet all the city requirements by creating a common green plaza between the sidewalk and building to form a buffer and give residents more privacy. Fully take advantage of the sloping site, we have a pedestrian entrance to the west and a vehicle entrance to the east. The clean modern look of the building really helps to build a new look for the growing city. 

Internal Space: The basement access from the east only contains a two-car garage and bike storage. On main level access from the west pedestrian entrance, we have an open living room with kitchen and dining room. Upper level complete with 2 bedrooms and a master suite. 1300 Sf of conditioned space has a very efficient layout to meet a young family needs as well as retired couples. The convenient location will be very attractive to future owners.    

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