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Eastgate Addition.

Before/After Pictures.


Project Name: Bellevue Eastgate House Addition

Jurisdiction: City of Bellevue

Zoning: R-3.5

Lot size:  11,359 sf

Building areas:  Existing building 3000 sf, Addition 1300 sf, total 4,300 sf includes 700 sf garage.

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates in the Bellevue Eastgate area. The building has critical slopes with a buffer that limited additional building areas. We can only build on the existing house on the back. The original house is a very bland soldier house like we newly added entry and two-story lobby, we transformed the exterior look and make it looks like a brand new building. 

Internal Space: We opened the entry area and created a two-story lobby with open stairs that really increased the quality of space in this whole house. The main floor mainly created an open kitchen area and add another garage. On the upper level, we sacrificed one room to create a new master suite with a new building standard master bathroom with a soaking bath and a walk-in closet. Over the existing building, we added two more guest rooms with a multi-function room, which can easily separate from the main house, and create a separate mother-in-law unit with separate entry from the deck. 

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