Location: Longkou, Shandong, China

Building Area:  32,000 sqm

This high/mid rise tower include class "A" office, hotel , condominium and retails base podium will become the landmark of the development in Longkou, Shandong.


The design idea is using the special space of swimming pool and clubhouse on the top, create special transparent space like latten or light house, create a landmark for wayfinding that reflects the origin of this town as a fishing village.   

这个中高层综合体包括甲A办公楼, 酒店, 公寓和商业裙楼形成山东龙口开发区的标志性建筑。

设计构思的核心是利用顶层游泳池和俱乐部特殊的空间创造有特色的通透的造型, 如灯笼或灯塔, 创造了利于导向的地标, 与这个新城作为渔村的历史的呼应。