Location:  Beijing, China

Building Area:  50,000 sqm

Construction Cost: 5 Billion RMB

We are in charge of the interior design of the whole shopping mall while BDP at British designed the building.


 A colorful and lively shopping destination with quality food, retailers to the latest fashion, sports, home furnishing, electronics, entertainment and anchored by the unique IKEA stores.  Include 560 shops.


Through various ceiling design integrate with skylight with beautiful exposed structure, floor patens, and railing design combine with multi level atriums, create a unique feel to each area, not only give character of the specific area but also help with wayfinding.  The result is a poetic beautiful space for people to hang out. 

我们负责这个商业综合体中的室内总体设计, 英国的BDP负责建筑设计。


一个丰富充满活力的商业地产目的地, 由高质量的餐饮, 和最新的时尚, 体育用品, 家庭装饰,电子产品, 和娱乐, 包括以宜家 为主力店的560家店。 

通过不同的天蓬设计结合优美暴露结构的天窗设计, 地面和扶手的变化, 以及多层高的中庭, 不仅使各个区域具有特色, 而且利于客户识别路线。 结果是一个吸引人群聚集的具有诗意的优美的空间。 

In charge of this project while at CCDI.