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Bothell Mixed-Use Complex.

Project Name: Bothell Mixed Use Complex

Jurisdiction: City of Bothell

Zoning: DT

Lot size:  7,200 sf

Building areas: 14,956 SF & 4680 SF Parking

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates in the downtown Bothell area belongs to the Downtown Transition zone.  It is on the opposite side of the city hall.  The building is a historical landmark.  The areas demand more density.  The design with three stories and a basement parking meeting the needs.  Ground levels include two office spaces and a share grand entry and a lobby with an elevator and stair.  The exterior design meets all DT zone requirement of modular and landscape planter boxes create a street transition to the sidewalk.  Large windows and decks for each unit, provide a lot of space for interior and exterior interaction. This new building will become a new landmark for the DT area. 

Internal Space: Two office spaces and two large units on each level to meets the client’s program. Each unit is around 2300 sf, it provides diverse unit types comparing to other larger apartment buildings with small units.  Basements provide 15 parking spaces to meeting residential and commercial needs. 

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