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"Better Bellevue" House

Project Name: Better Bellevue House

Jurisdiction: City of Bellevue

Zoning: R-5

Lot size:  11.484 sf

Building areas:  4481 sf conditioned space, garage 693 sf

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project locates north of the downtown Bellevue area, not far from downtown Bellevue. The lot is large with a spacious backyard and many big trees. Large decks are created along with the backyard with some covered decks to enjoy the outdoor living space. The permit sold to a builder/developer who did some minimum changes and achieved a very good result and sold successfully.

Internal Space: This is a 2 story northwest style house with a walkout basement. We use an open stair case and two-level entry atrium to create a grand entry feeling without sacrifice much space. Open living space and kitchen and a large island that open to the greenish backyard. The front has a guest room that also can be used as an office. Upper level with master suite and library on one side and three bedrooms on the other side to create privacy. The basement has a guest bedroom suite and a recreation roof with a large window and deck to the back yard. Based on our researches of current luxury houses’ layout, we created this very functional and aesthetic house with a very reasonable construction cost.

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