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Bellevue Residence.

Project Name: Bellevue Modern House

Jurisdiction: City of Bellevue

Zoning: R-5

Lot size:  8,500 sf

Building areas:  5608 sf total, conditioned space 4900 sf

Project description:

Exterior Environment: The project is located in the downtown Bellevue area, not far from downtown Bellevue park. The design responds to the exterior environment, The front is designed to be very closed and solid to maintain privacy; the backside of the building has a view of the lake, he exterior design has a lot of decks and curtainwall windows to form a strong connection to the exterior water view and backyard.  

Internal Space:  This is a 2 story modern house with a walkout basement. The building contains 3 atriums: Entry two-story atrium, living room two-story atrium and center 3 story atrium. It’s a very open and connected space that's rare to find in today’s homes. The main level contains two kitchens (Western & Chinese styled kitchens), an activity area with a guest suite, an upper level contains bedrooms and an office. The walkout basement contains the garage, a mother-in-law suite small kitchen, and a multimedia room. 

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